Drew Brees breaks Johnny Unitas’ record for most consecutive games with a TD pass

“It’s a tremendous honor. It’s humbling. (It is) certainly a record that we all very much appreciate, The amazing thing about a record like this is that it spans over the course of, really, four seasons and hopefully we can keep it going for a while,” - Drew Brees

So proud to stan for this man.Haters to the left.

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How I felt about the Saints loss earlier today:

My reaction to Brees getting his contract done.

Roger Federer - 7 time Wimbledon Champion, 17 time Grand Slam Champion, World No. 1

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So I got ragged on by someone the other day for being a bandwagoner.

Just because I tweeted that I could not care less about watching hockey.

Honestly, I could not. I’ve actually began to lose interest in that sport for months now, and will refrain from watching it for at least a year.

I feel that I have more important obligations to fulfill then, since I would be starting college. I’m not willing to risk myself emotionally for something I’m not really involved with in the first place.

Sigh. At least I can be rest assured knowing at least one of my teams has won a championship in my lifetime.

Sigh. At least I can be rest assured knowing at least one of my teams has won a championship in my lifetime.


Toby Ng - The World of 100

Have you ever asked yourself, what would the World look like as a small community of 100 people? Probably not. However, it is something to think about, as the reality would be startling - as much as you’d think so, the village would only have 7 computers, and only 1 person in the World Village would be educated at University level.

These facts are something that designer Toby Ng has thought about very carefully, and turned the results of his findings into a series of twenty infographics depicting ‘The World of 100’. Although aesthetically beautiful, with sharp lines and bold, vibrant colours, these infographics are often horrifying. 

The posters look as though they have come straight out of a children’s book; is this to mirror the naivety of those that are most likely to be looking at them on their computers?

“Look, this is the World we are living in.”

- Toby Ng